Web Developers in London: Leverage the Power of Mobile Technologies

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Here is what we do:

  • UX and UI Design. We research, plan, create user stories and rigorously test
  • Graphic Design. We create visually stunning websites and applications
  • Frontend Development. HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, Angular, Backbone, etc.
  • Backend Development. PHP, CI, Puppet, ExpressionEngine, Vagrant, etc.
  • Database design. Our experts create databases that are fast, effective and secure.
  • Integration. Integrate third-party services, APIs and high-tech hardware with your software.
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    What We Believe In

We are a multicultural team of developers, designers and analysts based in the heart of London with offices around the world. Over almost 10 years in app development, we have collaborated with startups, small businesses and international corporations to create first-class websites, mobile apps and bespoke software for business growth. Since the very dawn of the smartphone era, we have empowered enterprises with high quality mobile solutions. We focus on web design and app development, coding both front and backend, utilising the latest technologies and integrating software with different services and tools.

We perfectly understand that every project has its specific requirements and every client has their vision of the final product. Our well-versed team of experienced specialists can tackle projects of all size and complexity. When developing digital products, we use the Agile approach that enables us to deliver working apps within weeks, introduce changes at any stage of the development process and create scalable and secure solutions time and cost efficiently.

Our talented and enthusiastic developers have delivered digital solutions across various industries both in the UK and internationally. Our company’s history goes back to two tech enthusiasts who were passionate about IT and wanted to create software that will change the business environment to the better, and has a solid background of successful expansion, establishing offices on three continents. Our team is comprised of qualified app developers, graphic designers, business analysts, quality assurance specialists and other IT experts. We love designing feature rich, user friendly and secure software solutions that bring continuous value to organisations.

We do not develop apps simply because this is our job, we develop apps because we are passionate about our craft, like to explore new technologies, apply the latest techniques and turn ideas into full-fledged products that help businesses achieve success. We are forward-thinking, broad-minded and innovative. Every new project we take is an opportunity to prove our wide expertise, challenge ourselves with new hard tasks and expand our knowledge, as well as to create high quality apps that people will love to use and companies benefit from.


Bespoke Content Management System Design

We can equip your website with a custom content management system (CMS) that will enable you to easily update and edit the website's content. The main advantage of a tailor-made CMS is that you can manage your website as you like. You will not need to contact the developers to introduce changes to the website’s content, rearrange elements or create a new page. To add more, we can integrate your website with social media.

Social Media Integration

Social network connectivity makes your brand visible to a large audience of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms’ users, engaging them and providing them with information about your business, increasing loyalty and driving sales. Your customers will be able to easily share your articles and news with friends and follow your social media account to keep in line with the latest events, promotions and discounts.

The Advantages of Integration with Social Networks

It benefits your marketing activities thanks to increased user retention, fast customer base growth and better user engagement. Another major advantage of social media integration is an improved user experience because your customer will be able to easily log into your website with their social network account and complete all forms with the information already provided there.

Integration with Payment Services

If you want to build a website with an integrated online shopping cart or any other service to make online purchases, we can help you bring this to life. We can integrate an online payment services that will allow your customers choose items, add them to the shopping cart, order delivery and pay by credit card or PayPal. Another important aspect of any website is user interface.

User Interface Design

Many businesses believe that functionality is what matters most and ignore web design, but tha is a mistake because design is what makes the first impression on the visitors. If they enter a website and it does not appeal to tham a or they cannot find the button or information they need, they will leave and never come back. Moreover, your website’s design represents your brand identity.

Custom Web Development

When building bespoke software, we use the agile methodology because it allows us to deliver projects within budgets and timeframes without compromising on product quality. It ensures great flexibility because we can change the requirements any time it is needed and clearly understand the activities we need to perform to achieve expected results. Our main focus is the development of custom websites that increase your brand’s visibility in the world wide web and enhance conversion rates.
A Website That Appeals
Our talented and ambitious designer will craft a user interface that your customers will love. Providing user with outstanding experience, you will increase retention, generate more leads and get more shares. How can this be achieved? Our experts carry out rigorous tests and in-depth research to understand what our customers like and what does not work for them. To collect user feedback, we offer a group of people similar to your niche audience to try your app ot and share their opinion, and based on this information we hone the design. As a result, you get a website that appeals to your target audience and reaches out to the largest amount of users.

We build top-notch apps and website that possess the following characteristics:

  • Tailored to the specific needs of your business and fully customisable
  • Seamless user experience and intuitive interface
  • Broad set of features, fast performance and advanced security
  • High quality

Full Range of Digital Services

  • Development
  • Idea validation
  • Design
  • Delivery
  • Bespoke software development
  • Content management system creation
  • Social network integration
  • Payment services integration
  • UI design
  • Responsive website development
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • PHP

Today the amount of time users spend in smartphone is much bigger than the time they spend using desktop computers. To reach out this vast audience and get higher in Google search results you should optimise your website for mobile devices. And you do not even need to create standalone websites for different screen sizes. Our experts will design a responsive website that adjusts its size to all displays, be it a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop or a desktop computer.

All the version will be incorporated in a single code hosted on a single domain, with the server getting information on display size and triggering a code that fits best. Such a simple architecture make it much easier to maintain your website because you will not have to update all different versions one after another. One more benefit you get from responsive design is that it is valued by Google, which ranks sites optimised for mobile higher in search results.

Contact us to discuss how you can increase productivity and boost sales through implementation of the latest technologies. You can send us a message, call us or come to our headquarters any time. Let us bring your creative ideas to life. We are cheerful, skilled and experienced london web developer company. We can deliver software for businesses large and small operating at any corner of the world - we will design a solution that uses cutting-edge technologies to empower your employees with greater mobility and provide your customers with excellent experience interacting with your brand.

Extensive Portfolio of Successful Projects

Over many years in the IT industry, we have delivered over 350 projects to businesses of all size that are comprised in our extensive portfolio. No matter whether you need a basic one-page website to provide your customers with information about your business, a native mobile app to engage to the target audience or a bespoke software system to streamline business processes - we are here to help.

We guarantee you that your app will have the following features:

  • Compatibility with a wide range of devices
  • Clear and secure code
  • Scalability and rich functionality
  • User-friendly and visually stunning design
  • Compliance with the best industry standards
  • Search engine optimisation and mobile friendliness
  • High quality
  • Seamless communication and active participation in the development process

We will be glad to help you bring your business to the next level through the power of mobile technologies.