How to Become a Web Application Developer

Do you know who are web developers and what they do to create powerful and greatly looking web-based applications?

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Developers...Who They Are?

A web application developer is a software programmer or designer who build programs that run in browsers on computers or mobile devices connected to the internet. Web app developers typically work as in-house specialists in software development companies and digital agencies, or independently as freelancers. They work in tandem with designers in big IT agencies or execute both functions in a small companies. It’s an interesting and profitable profession that is highly paid and gives you an opportunity to get a job at some of the most recognised software giants in the world.

What a Web App Developer Does?
Web application creators participate in a wide range of IT activities such as software design, coding, engineering and quality assurance. As you can see, they perform many different functions that are responsible for every aspect of the final product’s success. However, typically a whole team of software developers are involved in one software design process, working as a team.
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    How to Become a Web Application Developer

Job duties of an average web developer can be pretty versatile and mostly depend on the company’s standards and traditions. Moreover, the responsibilities may vary from one app design project to another. Recently there has been an emerging trend of creating ecommerce platforms for businesses that wish to well their products and service online. The responsibilities of a web app developer involved in such a project are most commonly comprised of:

  • Programming and maintaining software programs
  • Coding, designing and managing installation files for websites
  • Writing the code of web-based software
  • Linking pages and programming content
  • Fixing bugs and assuring quality
  • Testing and collecting analytics
  • Business branding and design

According to studies carried out among app developers, a salary of an average web designer ranges between $65,000 and $75,000, and is steadily growing as compared to the previous years. There are many factors that impact the wage web app programmers earn: their expertise, experience, qualifications and portfolio are some of the most crucial ones. As a rule, freelancers tend to get more money on a monthly basis because they can take part in several projects at once. Another reason for bigger salaries of independent developers is the fact that they can put their own price tags on their products and tap into a larger pool of clients.

Digital technologies and web applications are always in demand, which is predicted to rise in the nearest future. Experts predict that there will be 50% more web app development jobs on the market in the next five years. More and more businesses feel the need to incorporate eb apps to streamline routine processes and better connect to customers, which means that demand for web design and programming is not going to fall. On the other hand, there will be new positions opening in the years to come, so probably you should learn coding. So if you want to make a career in the IT industry, consider becoming a web app developer.

You are using the internet every day, socialising in social networks, reading news in major mass media, searching for information in GOogle and buying products on Amazon, but now you want to take part in creating the web too. As an aspiring digital creator, you have got a lot of things to learn and put into practice, so school yourself in patience and let us go. Here are some things you will need to master:object-oriented programming, scripting languages, frameworks and APIs (application programming interface), collaboration tools and software development methodologies. To add more, you will have to make a decision about the career path you want to follow: to work as an in-house app developer in a software design company, to launch your own startup or join it as an expert, or to float freely as an independent freelance specialist.


Tips for Frontend Developers

Our experienced IT experts are ready to give you professional advice how to best start learning software development and make your bread as a coder. So check out these helpful tips from true web development experts and start learning! And if you are an established frontend programmer with years of expertise and a solid background, you are welcome to contribute to the list, giving your own recommendations, which you can share with us by email or phone.

Know the Places Where to Look For

Look for places in the internet where designers, developers, entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts swarm. If you want to make connections and find people who will invite you to take part in their project, be active on forums, social network groups and other communities dedicated to coding, design and startups and try to make some buzz. If you are looking for a web application developer job or expert who will share their knowledge and help you with some coding problems you may have, go to Stackoverflow or other similar resource and add it to you browser’s bookmarks.

Websites to Find Website Development Professionals

Techcrunch, buzzfeed and other popular websites are a perfect destination to read geeky jokes, see hilarious memes, read IT news and meet developers and people passionate about technologies how will navigate you through the exciting world of frontend design. Many hugely successful startup were born on these platforms, maybe you will get some luck as well. For instance, GitHub has many sites that allow every user to check out and publish examples of the code written by them. Comment on the lines of code you find awesome and receive feedback on your work, but do not be too strict.

Gain Expertise

Google Code, Google Groups and SourceForge are a couple of other resources our software experts recommend you to go and see. To say the truth, there are thousands of international resources all over the internet where you can share information of web apps, find fellow enthusiasts, chat with people with shared interests and find prospective projects to join. Browse through millions of code examples, stumble upon brilliant lines of code and try to reconstruct the ones you love the most, and you will gain enough expertise and skills to post your owns that deserve many likes and shares. And when you have gained enough expertise and are ready to join a workforce as a full-time dev, go for a head hunting website and upload your CV with a portfolio of your amazing projects.

Learn from Open Source Code

If you listen to the seasoned app development professionals, each and every one of them will say that you need to put some time on open source projects. Examining the code written by others will help you get an in-depth understanding of how things work in IT and assist you in building your own first app. Leaving the code reviewal activities behind, open source projects give you another great opportunity - to get to know some of the most skilled developers in the industry and acquire valuable connections. Working shoulder to shoulder with some of the industry-leading expert, you will be able to learn from their experience and observe how they do certain things and utilise different technologies.

Where to Look for Open Source Projects

GitHub and SourceForge are popular platforms where you can find open source projects to join as a junior web app developer, another possibility you have is to monitor different forums, blogs and communities to search for projects that are looking for more specialists. There are many industry specific websites where you can find IT enthusiasts always ready to dive into a new venture headfirst. Moreover, another pleasant advantage is that working on open source software, you not only accumulate knowledge, but also contribute to the web industry and IT environment. There is a saying in development circles - as a programmer, you can help the people around only by writing open source code, so make a contribution to the ones around.
Make Connections
As you explore the new horizons of app development websites, you will meet hundreds of new IT exerts including programmers, designers testers who are the foundation of the technological community. All you need to do is to get yourself noticed and find people who are willing to work with you and help you strengthen your position as a web software developer. Add them as a friends on Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social platforms.