Recent Web Projects


Sports Stars

(a social-networking iPad app for athletes and scouts)

One of our American clients approached us to design a social-networking application for iPad which will simplify the process of interaction between athletes and sports scouts. The project required not only help with core features identification but also detailed design and brand implementation. We worked tightly with our client and developed a sports social-networking system which has two types of users: Athletes and Scouts. The registration procedure is simplified as it allows to log in via existing account on Facebook or email. Our team enabled video and pictures uploading and comments leaving. Scouts can browse athletes by sport, gender, age, and location, while Athletes can create their portfolio of achievements in sport.



(a medical application for speech therapy)

One of B2B company applied to us to create a web app that will help to organise and manage the information on the sales meetings. We built a business app that creates a visual map of the meetings, determines the role and level of participation of each member of the meeting, it also allows to take notes and sent meeting summaries to email. Data import and export is streamlined with the integration of Evernote, Dropbox, and Salesforce.



(a portfolio management application for iPad)

The application is aimed at helping investment portfolio manager to display their account details to their clients quickly and clearly with their iPads. Our developers integrated customer's existing database to provide access to the company data and another requirement was to backup the application with companies web-portal and port its features into a mobile application for a tablet. Our team accomplished the task catering all our client’s requirements. In the end, we got an iPad application with access to the portfolio with performance and investment data. Each portfolio manager can view his or her list of clients and each client’s portfolio details via convenient and mobile iPad app.



(a medical analysing software for iPads)

On of the creative and commercial idea we had developed was a software for medical centres that will assist in studying human neurocognitive reactions. We have built a system that enables users to participate in testing while server-side functionality collects and analyses the results of these tests. We managed to benefit from iPad reliability as its error level is quite acceptable for such an important program. The app itself consists of a game for those who participate in testing and web service for those who are interested in results.



(an iPad magazine application)

Our collaboration with a magazine publisher resulted in a mobile magazine for iPads. Our team transformed a paper magazine into news application that meets the needs of readers in the digital age. The app provides an elegant user interface and fast and intuitive user experience design. We ensured that it can easily adjust to both portrait and landscape screen orientation preserving its user-friendliness. Users can also take advantage of social media features including commenting, sharing and contacting the author of the article.



(a social networking app for new acquaintances)

Our client partnered with us to create an iPad application which can help to meet people with nearby location and shared interests. The application has integration with the most popular social networks so it allows to invite your old friends and at the same time it helps to find new ones and arrange adventurous activity together. Users have two major functions within the app: meet new people checking out their accounts and exploring nearby activities. Everyone can create a meeting or activity and attract interested users, after which users can share memorable photos and leave comments.