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We are a London-based software development company with a team of the most competent and skilled iOS developers in the UK.

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Team of IT Specialists

This digital agency can boast skilled and creative IT experts. Having such a proficient team of developers and graphic designers we can deliver software solutions not only for iOS platform but also for other Apple’s operating systems including watchOS, OS X, and tvOS.

IT consultants have a wealth of expertise in building sophisticated IT strategies for big brands, small businesses, and disruptive startups. And as our skills go far than just Swift and Objective-C coding, approaching the team, you can rely on a fully-fledged team of business analysts, software engineers, mobile and web programmers, UI/UX designers and Quality Assurance experts.
Together these people provide a range of services and starting with iPhone and iPad app development up to mobile applications for Android and Windows Mobile platforms, bespoke software solutions based on frontend and backend scripting. Nevertheless, the main priority is the development of bespoke iOS digital products.

Why iOS development?

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    Quick and Fast
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    Timely Operating System Updates
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    Secure and Private

Apple’s products have approved themselves to differ from any others holding software and hardware advantages. iPhones are known to deliver the fastest user experience due to better software and hardware integration of Apple’s products. 3D Touch and Retina display enable iOS programmers not only implement rich visualisation and animation but also make iOS applications more interactive and engaging with the opportunity to access some of its features without loading. With a qualitative coding and thought-out programming, iOS developers UK can enable users to take a range of quick actions from the home screen with the help of long pressing on the app icon.

One of the main challenges which occur when it comes to Android app development is the variety of the screens and resolutions, and Android operating system is customised by multiple brands including Samsung, Sony, HTC, and others. But what is more, Android devices often run older versions of the operating system, that is why when it comes to the app development and maintenance the cost raise due to customisation to all the devices and the running versions of the operating systems. Talking back about iOS platform, more than 80% of iPhones and iPads are running the latest version of Apple’s software. That is why it is much faster to deliver up to the market iOS application and ensure that it works properly well on all iPhones and iPads.

Apple keeps introducing new features with every new operating system update. Multitasking for iPads, Apple Pay for iPhones, Siri, and iMessages. The customization of widgets keeps growing, enabling iOS coders to personalise the user experience integrating available Apple devices capabilities. Split-screen on iPads empower users to work simultaneously in several programs increasing the efficiency of the users. Apple Pay enables developers to create first-class retail experience integrating dead-simple to use payment gateway which can be activated with Touch ID sensor. Besides, this features there are many others which let programmers construct stunning software solutions with outstanding functionality.

Finally, the most strong arguments in favour of the iOS operating system are its security and privacy which are highly appreciated by business representatives. Apple’s operating system has a reputation of the most stable and invulnerable platform with less than one percent of malware threats aimed at this operating system as it is a more difficult target. While Android fragmentation complicates the creation of adequate security patches on a regular basis. Apple’s passcodes and fingerprints also make user’s data more protected, but what makes iPhones more private is the end-to-end encryption implemented into iMessage. The Secure Enclave, Apple’s sub-section of the processor chip, stores and protects the security-critical data, such as users’ fingerprints, as a part of the encryption setup being enforced by TrustZone/SecurCore technology.

What iOS Developer Job Implies?

Here at this app design agency, we have an in-house team of professional iOS Developers UK whose expertise and skills enable UK-based IT company to offer an end-to-end app development and a full spectrum of services aimed at the solution of business challenges and realisation of promising app ideas for mobile and desktop Apple devices. Senior and junior developers help customers to market their brands with the help of highly-customised and well-architected IT products.


Job Description

What is it about being a brilliant developer in our app development agency? Being a reputable UK company we carefully recruit programmers, coders, and designers ensuring that they present big-thinking digital professionals who are able to work in fast-paced rhythm following both the agile and waterfall methods. Developers strive to bring real benefit to the clients via the development of game-changing mobile and web apps. Project managers are always looking for exciting projects to involve developers into the solving of challenging problems and meeting the most demanding customer’s requirements.

Professional team

We have collected passionate and highly technical UK professionals who work throughout the full development lifecycle delivering top-notch digital products for the iOS. They utilises cutting-edge technologies to build superior digital products. We encourage our team members to immerse into self-development training their coding skills and exploring new technologies via continuous professional training, IT workshops, tutorials dedicated to new Apple’s app development tools, hackathons and other professional and educational events.

Required Skills

To become a part of our development team, developers have to obtain a high level of expertise and hands-on experience being able to make robust, scalable and secure solutions for Apple devices. You can entrust us your project as we have collected the most skilled and trained iOS developers in the UK. Among the skillset developers should obtain to become a part of the team, there are:
  • Good communicative and collaborative skills;
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving abilities;
  • Strong competence in coding with Objective-C and Swift;
  • Proficiency in writing clean, readable, and easy-to-maintain code;
  • Experience in resolving build issues within the platform;
  • Confident work with native and third-party APIs, libraries, and frameworks;
  • Ability to write integration and unit test scripts;
  • Profound understanding of iOS design guidelines and patterns;
  • Knowledge of Agile development methodologies, work with iterative, continuous integration, testing, and deployment.

iOS Development Tools

For having an ability to build native iOS apps and publish them on App Store, developers should be certified members of Apple Developer Program. Leading UK company can boast a team of certified professionals who benefit from the Apple Developer Program by accessing Apple SDKs, testing and analytic tools, as well as Apple App Store with the ability to publish apps on our behalf and on behalf of our customers. iOS programmers create native user experience via Xcode IDE provided and regularly updated by Apple. The Integrated Development Environment provides everything to create breathtaking applications for all Apple devices from iPhones and iPads to Mac and Apple TV. The recent updates accelerated it with new Interface Builder that display developers a live preview of their apps, editor extension, and runtime issue alert capabilities. Developers are always aware of hidden bugs and memory leaks.
iOS Developers’ Services
Working with world-class UK developers, you can count on high-quality services and commitment to the development projects. We will accompany you from the conceptualisation stage till the product launch being also ready to assist with further updates, upgrades, features integration and maintenance. Our services include:

The App Store hold millions of native applications providing users with the huge choice of the app of any category. That is what makes it critical to deliver users the app that stands out from the rivals gaining the first positions in the App Store. We have a wealth of expertise in how to distinguish your products from the products of your competitors and ensure unrivalled user experience. UK-based team knows how to meet Apple’s requirements which are stricter than Android and Windows. Mobile experts will lead you on the best mobile strategy with the careful preparation and planning. They will start with the identification of the target audience and run market research uniting your requirements with the users’ needs and based on this blend proficient mobile specialist will create the go-to-market strategy ensuring project success.

Our design and development teams in the UK take care of the user experience that makes your iPhone application a remarkable one differentiating it from any other. Program’s performance, usability, user-friendliness - all these aspects play a crucial role in its success and can be achieved via high-quality code and scalable architecture which allow the program to evolve. Appealing look and intuitive feel are the results of our work. iOS designers tightly collaborate with you to convey your corporate identity via the application implementing company logo and brand in the design. Software engineers and developers wireframe and prototype the program asking for customer’s feedback to ensure that it meets fits the requirements and is intuitive in usage. We ensure that app appearance and behaviour integrates well with the functionality encouraging users to interact with it more often.

Being a top UK IT agency, we strive to approve our reputation with additional quality assurance services. Experienced QA experts explore every development case foreseeing the project challenges and creating potential solutions which enable developers to eliminate serious bugs and program errors. Testers run the application throughout the development process checking its metrics such as security, intuitivity, performance and many other reporting programmers about the app issues and testing it over and over again till it meets our corporate standards.

Take us as an extension of your own team as we strive to help you to succeed. Our technical experts won’t leave clients after product release and certainly won’t leave them alone with the project initialisation and realisation. Our UK company stick to the customers striving to cater their business needs and personal requirements till they say ‘splendid.’ We also offer maintenance services if you need it and will be happy to grow your project.