Outstanding iOS App Design from a Dedicated Team

Our team is reputed as one of the best iOS app design and development organisations, offering mobile solutions and techniques that meet business goals of our clients. Developing and designing top-notch custom applications to match your vision is a small a part of what we do best.

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A perfectly-designed mobile app can play a great role in promoting your product, service or business and reaching new purchasers. Our experience in doing so efficiently for our clients is what drives us. No app is too complicated or too small for our devoted team of iOS programmers.

Key Benefits of Mobile App Design From Professionals
  • We are a world-recognised software development company;
  • We guarantee security of data by signing a Nondisclosure Agreement;
  • We are experts in app framework( Unity, Adobe Air, Marmalade, PhoneGap, Box2D, OpenGL ES, CocoaTouch, Cocos2D, Corona);
  • Experts in Xcode, Objective C, and Ruby;
  • We select the development process that suits your project the best;
  • Support and maintenance 24 x 7;
  • Prompt communication via Skype, Phone, or email;
  • Hassle free end product launch;
  • Overall post-launch support.
Our Services
Our dedicated team of iOS developers have an in-depth experience of working on the following app design services:
  • Custom iOS programs;
  • iPhone games;
  • Web service integration;
  • Social networking;
  • E-Commerce;
  • Widget Development;
  • Mobile Websites;
  • Apps for Apple Watch;
  • Secure Coding
  • QA testing and more.

Four Steps to Innovative iOS Design

Our team has four steps of creation the ideal iOS app layout:

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    Expeditious work
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The developers intend to recognise your undertaking in full by diving deep into the business necessities to discover the core audience, their mindset toward your services and products, primary goals and the limitations to achievement. Our exploration procedure is a part brainstorm, part innovation, part strategy and part close interaction between the client and our team. We consider ourselves to be extraordinarily fast thinkers and innovators, equipped to find out new ideas and best standards. In case you are interested in our way of doing things, our team would really like to have you as our client.

One aspect that the developers are highly experienced in is developing prototypes. To create them in the most appropriate way, it is needed to collect user experience in Maps. The reason for this is that they help us build a strong foundation to extend the iOS app’s capability, having in thoughts it's imperative functions and recognise the relation between factors to guarantee an attractive UX.

Once our team has prepared the fundamentals, it is time to do the actual work. The designers begin to create systems, screens, responsive buttons – few factors for mobile design. Our designers intend to make quick prototypes at the initial stage of development and never stop user testing for imperturbable quality assurance. Even if your app is developed solely for your company’s use or disturbed in the store, are custom application will surely optimise the experience.

Our specialists have a super teamwork experience so that they can make a significant number of different things at the same time. When developers are creating the interface design, the designers already think of the application’s logo and visual design. They examine the customer’s desires and necessities and investigate the target audience. They effectively use market research tactics, mind maps, cases and current trends, our marketing specialists discover what motivates the customers.

That is how we create our fantastic products for iOS. We are proud to mention that the best app designers of our group are equipped to create something special for your needs and standards. We like to delight our clients!

While our specialists design a logo, they are not only developing an identification - they are creating a whole new language.
Absorbing your spec, the specialists create draft principles. Of these, they choose the best and discover further. After a strict overview and brainstorming with you, the team narrows down the route to a single idea. Then our designers explore and refine till your logo is ideal.
The main distinction of our design is that it is based on functionality. This method permits to achieve the best user experience and avoid needless buttons and screens. It is crucial to understand what elements are needed on each screen to perform the most efficient.
Have you ever had a program reacting perfectly on cue and sense completely natural? That is the signal of an expert UI. Attaining this means taking the work beyond mere wireframes. On the stop of the UX phase, the designers can present the app’s blueprints.
As soon as wireframes and blueprints are created, we formulate the UI. The UI extends upon the language of the brand to create a full-fledged identity.
We pick key screens from the blueprints to start our creation technique. Once the UI is finalised, the developers start testing and polishing.
The iOS app comes to life throughout UI and UX, but our round of polish is wherein the magic occurs. It is where we add that extra details that are our signature style.
We perfect transition states, animations, and upload all the best info and unique touches that make an iOS app the best.

The Main Design Principles for Apple Watch Apps

As the arena anticipates the release of the Apple Watch line of wearables in 2015, developers have started familiarising themselves with the Watchkit SDK and Xcode Watchkit simulator.

While the engineers remain busy at the programming factors of Watchkit, designers must start focusing on the critical UX aspects of designing watch apps for iOS. For designers, Apple has provided the Apple Watch user interface manual, which ought to serve as the muse for conceptualising and prototyping.

Apple’s wearable came in two display sizes, 38 mm and 42 mm. The display is touch-sensitive, and while gestures aren't supported, touch-sensitive contact is included to differentiate between tap and hold. There's additionally a digital crown at the side of the watch, that can serve as a way of scrolling, zoom (with maps, as an example) and pressing a button ( like the home button on the iPhone). Our professionals have already mastered design for Apple Watch, both UX and UI, producing optimally-built wearable apps for the clients.


Design for the Apple watch useful space

Apple has provided a number of Photoshop resources to assist designers prototype user interfaces, which must serve an excellent start line for conceptualising and arranging UI elements. When it comes to screens development, the primary thing to be kept in mind is that developers don’t have the affordance of the display length as at other iOS devices, which forces to estimate the role of each display more cautiously, emphasising most effective the centre functionality and message to be supplied. The good news is that we could use the whole space of the screen, without any need for margins, because the bezel of the watch adds the important visual padding.

UI controls

When using controls, for example, buttons or switches, our designers aim at the restriction of the elements stacked horizontally to 3 on the maximum, with a purpose to avoid hampering the tap-goal of every element.
Apple also advocates the usage of icons anywhere possible, in place of textual content, to maximise useful screen space. Less regularly used buttons need to be placed in the contextual menu, in preference to cluttering the active display interface.

Round buttons and icons

Circular icons have the benefit of capacity to have more factors adjacent to a finger at the same distance when touching the display screen, in comparison to the square ones. With squares, the path to the next item might be variable, and there could be a smaller limit to the range of objects you can fit around a touch point. Additionally, the round elements are more scalable and may be variably sized to illustrate prominence relative to different adjacent round buttons or icons, that is specifically vital on smaller display devices.

Various sizes of images

With the past versions of the iPhone, iOS designers have become aware of catering to unique display sizes and resolutions in relation to images, and it is the same with the Apple watch. If a picture does not scale well, the designers always make sure that they create separate images for every of the two display sizes.

We always design the icons to be visually recognisable and reflective of your brand, which in almost all cases will be an actual visual reproduction of your iOS app icon. Preserving design as close as possible to your iOS version facilitates draw a mental association with the app on each platform.

Simplicity is not always the absence of clutter, that is a result of simplicity. This is the perception we always take when creating the design - an elegant, well-conceptualized metaphor will deliver clarity to your customers.

iOS 7 heralded the transition to the flat design and abandonment of the ageing skeuomorphic designs. Now Apple is transitioning once more to focus on developing natural, crisp interfaces built on the inspiration of typography that is thin and practical. For wearable, they have opted for the aptly-named San Francisco font, that is a brand new sans serif font.

The selection of the system font used in Apple watch is purposefully designed for the first-rate legibility, based on correctly-condensed letter areas to take up the least amount of horizontal space.

More drastically, as the font size increases, the font type changes dynamically to maintain its legibility, that is known as Dynamic typing. This is a great gift that iOS designers get for free once they choose the system font over custom font because it senses and adjusts the line spacing and letter spacing accordingly. Being an excellent developer, supporting dynamic fonts means supporting accessibility settings.

Finally, we always aim at using only one font throughout your app for consistency. Mixing fonts will ruin the UX best practices. Our designers know how to take advantage of using different shades of white to emphasise text elements and use the primary text colour to further distinguish an outstanding label.

The Apple watch user interface manual promotes a strong distinction in evaluation between textual content and background while avoiding bright colours. Our designers make use of one key colour that symbolises the iOS app’s branding, which will feature prominently in distinct labelling, such as to discern valuable information or for titles.

Due to the fact mobile software design is an incredibly vast area, we decided to pay particular attention to the designers, who is dedicated to iOS. It is an additional reason why we differ from the others; we specialise ourselves in working in a selected area. Years of experience, a high degree of creativity and innovation are few of the many benefits our team possesses. The Apple devices are the finest innovations of the modern world, so we should keep updated with the innovation as well.