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Only professional developers with a solid background in software creation have the expertise to use many sophisticated tools and programming languages to build a high-quality mobile application. The digital experts of our IT company are highly proficient in software architecture, code writing, UX and UI design, testing and implementing of the perfect business solutions.

At our software development agency, we always look at the products from the user’s point of view to ensure the perfect user experience for sustainable growth of your success.

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    E-business applications
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    Popular types of enterprise apps

Enterprise architects, analysts, marketers, or anyone responsible for online business solutions in a company should keep an eye on the latest trends in the software development. The mobile market is growing fast. New technologies and services appear every day. Our expert developers are keen on the world of innovative technologies and never stop educating themselves, as it is miles critical to keep abreast of the actual information, case studies and data to ensure a sturdy position in the virtual market.

If you want to add value to your business, choose our developers to design and implement the perfect bespoke solutions to optimise the workflow of your enterprise, reduce expenses and increase income.

Cloud computing and deployment systems have modified the economics of business applications. Updates for corporate on-premise systems have ended up so highly-priced and hard to put into effect that many agencies have shunned them for years. Moreover, the options for customisation of such solutions are restricted.

But there is another effective solution that is effortlessly implemented, updated and customised - software as a service (SaaS) provides sure flexibility, scalability and stability that on-premise software fails to offer. Nowadays some establishments, in the main economic institutions, sense hesitant about SaaS solution due to protection issues, but it is far possible that increasingly more industries can adopt SaaS in the nearest future. If you are thinking of such solution for your enterprise, our developers will be happy to consult you on all the matters concerned.

E-business apps are web-based programs that can be applied to perform tasks for businesses. Those programs are not just for online companies, but also for classic ones. Behind the scenes, e-commerce applications generally depend on relationships between enterprise servers and end consumer computers. Standard e-business programs offer some kind of a system to interact with customers on the web or to carry out obligations associated with meeting consumer desires (together with online tracking of postal shipments).

Application server

One example of an e-business utility is a when developers build a software where users interact with the app most efficient through an Internet browser. The software server is chargeable for returning HTML content to customers primarily based on their requests. This server also collects statistics entered by users in their web browsers. The exchange of data between client and server and server and purchaser constantly takes place through a web server.

Business Suite

Another type of software is a suite supplied by a company like IBM or Oracle. This suite of interfaces with the enterprise's existing data systems. For instance, monetary transaction statistics can be transferred to the organisation's accounting system with a monetary software. A business suite might assist an agency to perform operations such as accumulating online payments, tracking sales, managing inventory, planning routes of distribution, posting product descriptions to web pages and dealing with client information in a database.

Enterprise content management systems

ECMS help a business that needs to manage a large amount of internet content material. Content may consist of many types of virtual files, such as text, audio, photos, video, and monetary information. A business uses a massive database (often powered by many servers) to manipulate facts accrued through web-based forms.

A huge number of applications have sprung up with the smartphone industry boom. Depending on the enterprise requirements, business solutions may be as versatile as you want them to be. A number of the most popular categories of business apps consist of:

Office productivity apps

These apps are widely known as private productiveness apps and are dedicated to developing statistics including documents, spreadsheets, digital music, videos, etc. These apps make contributions toward growing the productiveness and overall performance of the employees.

These apps are in particular used by nearly everybody in the company, right from entry-level worker to the top management. Some common apps belonging to this class include calendars, schedulers, enterprise card readers, tax calculators, time and cost trackers, and workflow programs.


Travel apps

Travelling is an essential part of modern people’s lifestyles, these applications gain a lot of recognition. Users find it very handy to book tickets, lodges, and avail to sightseeing offerings with just a tap on their mobile devices. These tools are used by people who are ordinarily journeying for business tours and projects. Our developers can create:
  • Location-based apps;
  • Navigators:
  • Reservation systems;
  • Flight status programs;
  • Travel organisers;
  • Electronic translators, and anything, that may be useful in travelling industry.

Tools and software apps for businesses

This class contains programs which are utilised by customers to get their work achieved faster and greater successfully. Our developers create solutions that permit the users to analyse and search for information without any difficulties. Some of the first-class productivity apps in this category encompass:
  • Scanning apps;
  • Data protection programs;
  • Currency apps;
  • Global clock apps, and many others.

Enterprise-specific applications

Enterprise-specific software is specially designed by business software developers to cope with the needs of a company rather than any individual. These can be businesses, interest-based groups, schools, retailers, or government bodies. These may be used for time and price tracking, approvals, salesforce automation, and so forth. Our developers have built a lot of world-famous apps belonging to this class such as:
  • Expense tracker apps;
  • Salesforce automation programs;
  • Helpdesk systems and others.

Communication apps

Those are some of the maximum crucial business solutions and are used to offer unique competencies along with remote access, exchanging files and messages in various formats among two computers or customers, and many others. Such apps include:
  • Email apps;
  • Social networks;
  • Video conferencing programs;
  • Meeting centres and instant messaging.

Mobile payment applications

The mobile app payment alternative turns into a very convenient option for those who prefer doing cashless transactions. With technologies as "touch to pay" inside the market developing waves, mobile payment apps are a new simple way to make payments.
Mobile payment solutions are utilised by major establishments like banks, e-trade sites, grocery shops, and so on. One payment system can be used to pay at more than one retailers.

Mind-mapping apps

So-called idea-mapping programs are used to create diagrammatic relations between concepts, new thoughts, or other pieces of facts. Such solutions can also assist improving learning performance.
These apps are mainly utilised by those who need to improve their attention and productiveness during working hours.

The exceptional element about the mobile solution is that it gives enterprise owners the possibility to keep their customers constantly engaged. Mobile programs allow agencies to attain facts together with precise location and profile statistics. They can use this data for real time purchaser focused on which will help in growing revenues.

Having a bespoke app created by professional developers allows higher interaction with the clients and affords awesome customer service and assist. It is the best way to receive feedbacks from customers and recognise how they feel about the services you offer.

Productivity apps are the best ways to sell the products and services. Offering incentives to the clients is one of the methods to generate sales for any enterprise. They make it easier to provide updates and new product information via push notifications.

Having a mobile app in your enterprise will substantially make contributions to enhancing the brand name and logo awareness. It is vital that the business program was smartly designed and at the same time be well-branded, thereby leaving an enduring effect on the customers

Having a business application for smartphones allow you to cultivate customer loyalty. In spite of using all the conventional advertising methods such as banners, billboards, flashing signs, newspaper ads, flyers, and so forth in the market, organisations tend to lose the hold over their clients. Offering incentives to clients make them come again in future and helps gain their loyalty.

Choose a Developer Wisely

Developing mobile solutions for companies can be both complex and challenging. It is vital that the app developers understand the business inside-out so that they were capable of coping with all the intricacies and requirements laid down by the client. For instance, for an e-commerce enterprise, it is important to track the order, right from the start till the end when the shipping is made to the client.

Our developers have mastered the software creation craftsmanship mixing of various IT solutions and commercial methods. It is critical for our developers to be up to date with the brand new technologies and provide you with the best offerings in the market.