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Our software development company creates powerful iOS apps with simple, yet amazing iPad app design. We have been building and delivering high-quality iOS software since 2010. Our programmers work out business-driven solutions on the most secure and stable platform to empower your employees and to engage your customers.

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Add value to your business with the right iPad software tool

Our mobile app development company not only helps businesses get mobile breaking into markets but also create new ones with our iPad solutions. iOS tablets require outstanding software to maximise the potential use of these devices. We take advantages of the latest versions of iOS platform and the newest features of iPads. App designers help to transform your workflow and reach out to your target audience making them eagerly adopting your new iPad app. iPad’s display with it higher functionality and multitasking feature makes the device itself highly-efficient for work and entertainment. No surprise it is in demand of both business people and ordinary people like their customers.
How we work
To cater your requirements and exceed your expectations our app design team keep to agile methods of work, such as Scrum, letting you see the results as soon as possible and improve your mobile strategy according to your evolving needs. An iterative process which consists of several Sprints ensures that app designers get you feedback on time customising your program to your demands. We require your participation to provide you with the control over the development of your iPad software. Your project manager keeps you informed on every detail striving for transparency and productivity in our business relationships.
We Discuss Your iPad App Design Project
You come to us with a unique business idea, and you are looking for the proper realisation of it. Our project manager and chief software architect discuss with you the requirements and formalise a future application specification to come up with a right software solution. Project managers become our customers’ voice in the company who translate clients’ needs to the programmers and set them tasks together with a chief software architect. That is why it is so important for project manager to understand you and your business. Project discussion, regular communication, and the market research - all these components ensure a thorough understanding of your business and project idea.
We Design Several UI Layouts and Navigation Maps
Creative iPad app designers offer you several layouts looking for one you like the most. The larger display provides richer visualisation opportunities. Designing your iPad software they use all the advantages of Apple’s Retina display ensuring high-quality pictures, smooth animation and other visual elements. We pick up the colour pattern, font, and style considering your brand identity. In the end app designers combine your visual identity and iOS unmatched style to create a stunning design that advertises your product itself.
  • Crisp and smooth look;
  • Simplicity;
  • Compatibility;
  • Connectivity;
  • and individual company’s style
these are the main characteristics of user interface design that keep your users involved. Our designers also think of intuitivity of app navigation to make sure that it will be easy-to-use and won’t scare your customers with excessive complexity. If it is a working program for your staff, it also shouldn’t slow down workflow because your employees simply don’t understand how to use it. We aim for a higher efficiency, and the application should help you achieve it, not vice versa.
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Empowered app designers
Apple design tools and frameworks such as Cocoa Touch, Interface Builder, and UIkit significantly help app designers to focus on animation and functions rather than intricate visual details. With the increasing numbers of screen sizes and resolutions even among iPads, it is essential to deliver your customers and staff perfect user experience on any of them whether it is iPad Air 2, iPad mini or iPad Pro. Our app designers build adaptive, flexible UI designs with extra menus if needed. We can use San Francisco font that ensures that the typeface is always easy to read. iPad app designers can also help you program benefit from new iOS 9 feature 3D Touch providing users with the most convenient usage of your app, previewing it and getting the necessary data before entering. 3D Touch allows doing repeated tasks quicker. We can design shortcuts increasing users productivity.
We Code an MVP
Coding is the most time-consuming part of app design process. It requires a lot of skills, attention and careful testing. Our developers can write code in Objective-C and Swift using Xcode development environment and its SDK, Frameworks, and Apple libraries to benefit from iOS while writing an MVP. Minimum Viable Product or MVP is the first measurable results you receive. It is a working program you can try to identify if its core functionality meets your needs. An MVP gives you a clear picture of what is your software about. Now when you have this clear idea, when it is something tangible you can determine the strategy direction more accurately and ask for some moderation, integration, and other changes in program’s functionality and changes. Step by step app designers provide new upgrades and updates delivering new results for your feedback. This approach ensures that your software will satisfy all your needs and requirements.
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As members of one of the most rapidly developing industry, we keep up with the latest trends implementing them in our projects. One of the latest Apple innovations was App Thinning which includes Slicing, On-demand resources, and Bitcode.
Each device has its capabilities; that is why designing app programmers make it suitable for each of them. But when users download a program they download it with all the overhead for all the devices it should be working on. That overplus takes extra disk space and slows down the app. Due to slicing you software will be optimised to the App Store, and when users download it, they will deal only with those part of the program they need, hence reduce storage space on their disks and increase its load speed.
On-demand resources allow you to download only the content you might need for the first time running an app. This may refer to some media, document templates, instrument pack and more. As you need new resources, App Store downloads them removing things which are not necessary anymore. This practice in combination with Slicing significantly saves disk space up to 40-50%.
Now app designers don’t need manually update their apps and resubmit to the App Store every time Apple introduce new updates in OS. Thanks to Bitcode App Store can optimise and re-optimise automatically for the specific device architecture. Thus, you and your customers will be able to get all the benefits of the latest architectures and optimisations when they become available without any delay. So our software designers can achieve faster iPad app downloads, installation, automated optimisation and less disk space for storage for your iPad software.
We Run QA-testing
We run numerous test to ensure that your tablet application is written with a high-quality code, its interface attractive and easy-to-navigate, it can withstand the stress and resist a load and meet all the universal standards. But it isn’t just one-time check. Our QA department starts working on your project even before its design was created and the first line of code was written. They predict difficulties the users can face during the working process and look for ways to eliminate them. Every time our developers add a new feature or change something in design QA experts run a test of your program usability and performance. Even perfectly written code doesn’t ensure perfectly working software, that is why we test it to make sure it does work and works well.

We design:

  • Custom iPad apps;
  • Enterprise iPad applications;
  • iPad M-commerce solutions;
  • iPad Social Media networks software and anything you need for your business objectives.

How can I benefit from having a bespoke iPad software?
There are two main ways you can benefit from having an iPad software:
  • Empower your staff with efficient tool increasing productivity;
  • Impress your intended audience attracting new customers and retaining loyal ones.

Objectives-driven development can help you to find a way out from challenging situation, provide you with a new opportunity to grow and capture the mobile world. Our designers know how to develop iPad software that achieves your business goals. We deliver applications that help focus on daily routine tasks and creat immersive iPad experience that keeps users engaged with useful functionality and enjoyable interface. Whether you need an efficient tool that increases your employees’ productivity or an eye-catching and sophisticated app that entertain your customers and provide better interaction with you, skilled and experienced iPad app designers can assist you in achieving your goals:

  • Process real-time information;
  • Automate time-consuming everyday operations;
  • Store and share the data safely and the way it is convenient for you;
  • Synchronise and optimise internal processes;
  • Improve internal management and interaction;


  • Promote your brand in the mobile market;
  • Improve communication with your customers;
  • Build credibility and attractiveness;
  • Inform your target audience about relevant updates and provide trustworthy information;
  • Advertise your business and special events, campaign, promotions, and sales;
  • Empower your customers with additional opportunities, such as sharing, booking, purchasing, getting access to data and others.

And many other things you can do with your app. If you need it, we can even help you with iPad app monetization. If you create an iPad software for your customers, we can integrate in-app advertising or purchasing to provide you with a new source of income. But we can certainly assure you that a right mobile strategy and our professionalism with IT expertise will make your investment in iPad software creation a cost-effective one.

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We can’t wait to meet your ideas and help to convert them into measurable results.
Support and Consultancy

Our app design agency not only delivers high-quality iPad software solutions but also is happy to prolong our business relationships with customers and help them maintain and upgrade their projects. Growing companies have growing staff and needs, and we are ready to offer our software design services for iPads to help them achieve their business goals and objectives. If you have some questions about iPad app integration with other software or apps, our developers will be happy to assist you with a professional answer or expert advice. So don’t hesitate and call us.